Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas cards for 2011!

I started planning out some Christmas cards and came up with a few designs, some which worked and some which er... didn't! My sister thought up a really cool hot air balloon related one but I'll save that for next year XD

Designs for classmates - and a test run of my new stamp with embossing


A card I made for some relos, so basically it's just strips of green pattern, I modge podged it so it'd stay together and then cut out triangles.The final design was stuck on cardstock with buttons as baubles. I can't find a copy of the final designs photos but I made these right before my trip!

 Asian style card.

Some of the plans I drew up for the cards and some pieces which didn't get made into cards.

The main bulk of my cards were in this style. So I had a new sheet music stamp with a Christmas carol, and it either became the background or the pattern for the tree.

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